There are many different tick species found throughout the world, but the most common ticks found in New Jersey that pose a threat to us and our pets include the deer tick (also known as the blacklegged tick), American dog tick, and the lone star tick. Ticks are most active from spring to fall, but a few warm days during the winter can cause them to emerge. Ticks only
spread disease if they have ingested the pathogens from a previously infected host and pass it on when they feed again. Many tick-borne illnesses have similar symptoms, and It is possible to be infected by multiple tick-borne illnesses at the same time.


Oprah interviewed Pema Chodron, a Buddhist monk, on her podcast recently. Pema Chodron is an amazing teacher. I’ve listened to most of her DVD’s and read the vast majority of her books. In the podcast, she introduced a new concept that she calls “Just Like Me”. She believes that deep down, we are all the same. We all have innate kindness, we are all searching for happiness and striving to avoid suffering. We are all the same. All of us

The Ripple Effect

One day I was training Zeal, in my yard and my next-door neighbor asked me a question. “Is he responding more to the actual words, or to your tone?” Hmmmm, good question. I wanted to say it was the actual words. However, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants when I train, so I don’t always know exactly how I end up with the desired result. As I continued training, I paid attention to what I said and HOW I said it.

The Salad Experiment

I’ve become a bit of a mental management nut. Like most people, I believed that I was making many decisions throughout the day. Then I read the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. I was a bit dismayed to realize that our day consists primarily of a bunch of habits. Starting with how we get out of bed, our morning routine, or commute to work, and so on. Why? Because habits are easier on our brain.

Mental Management Blog

For some reason, I have always loved challenges. I can’t really say why. It doesn’t come from my immediate family, or a strong influence while growing up. It’s just always been there. Inevitably, this trait led to competition. Horseback riding, swimming, softball, body building, racing mountain bikes and road bikes and dog sports. I always loved training, but HATED the actual competition. Why? Ring nerves!!


I love technology. It’s not intuitive for me and I have to work hard at understanding it. But overall, I think it’s fun. And it makes my life much easier. Alexa, Siri, Iphone, Mac, Air dropping, DropBox, Smart TV, Social Media, Webinars, Podcasts, Online Classes, YouTube channels, Amazon Prime (love!)…and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Everything is at our fingertips and happens in an instant. And it’s constantly changing, which means I’m always learning. According to Dr. Oz, as long as we keep learning, we can stave off Alzheimers. Works for me!

Tricks Are for Pigs!

Every Friday my client brings her dog (for therapy) and her pig (well, just because he’s a pig) to Aqua Paws. We train him to do silly tricks. Sometimes he cooperates, sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes he’s brilliant, other times he blows us off. But no matter what he does, we ALL laugh. The entire time. To this day we laugh when he responds to “shake the bacon” and “give me some pork”. Simple tricks. Just a wave really. But two years have passed by and we still laugh.

In Your Dogs’ Paws

Recently, I was at a Show and Go. The first one I’ve been to in over a year. I was warming up my dog while another team was in the ring. Suddenly, I heard the handler loudly berating the dog. I looked up and saw her dragging the dog by its collar and ruff, her face close to the dog’s, yelling at it. I got a stomachache and recalled that this was one of the primary reasons I had stopped attending matches with my dogs.