Another project? All my friends have asked. I already have two businesses, online classes and give private lessons. So why this? The answer really, is driven by my passion…or should I say obsession. I love all things dog. I especially love training dogs, competing with dogs and canine rehabilitation (physical therapy for dogs). Dogs give us so much joy. And they are completely dependent on us for all of their needs. Dogs are desperately trying to communicate with us. As humans, we forget that dogs speak a different language. This often results in dogs that are anxious, insecure or nervous. Whether they are pet dogs, performance dogs or both, they are vastly misunderstood. In spite of our feeble efforts, dogs do an amazing job navigating the human planet. Any time we can improve our communication skills, we make our dog’s lives more comfortable.


Webinars are, on average, 45 to 90 minutes long. All of Petra’s webinars contain video clips demonstrating the techniques discussed in the presentation. Webinars are pre-recorded, thereby greatly reducing potential audio and video technology issues.

If you purchase a webinar, it will be available in your Dashboard on your Account Page for 4 months from the Release Date, not the date you purchased the webinar. When you sign up for the webinar, it becomes available on the Release Date and you will have access to it for four months after the Release Date date. However, if you do not watch it during the live airing, you will not be able to participate in the Q&A portion. Questions can be submitted using the “Question Box” while viewing the webinar live and for half an hour after the webinar ends. Within three days, Petra will record the “Questions and Answers”. That recording will then become available to everyone that purchased the corresponding webinar.


Choose From 3 Membership Levels and 3 Different Payment Plans:

  • The ability to view all videos on the PDRC site
  • The ability to view all newly added video clips each month
  • The ability to participate in the PDRC Community Forum discussions
  • The ability to view all content submitted by Red and Blue Ribbon Members, along with Petra’s feedback to submissions
  • The ability to post questions in the Forum and receive commentary and feed back from Petra
  • The ability to drive content by requesting a new topic each month
  • Blue-Ribbon members can submit up to four, 90-second videos a month for critique and feedback from Petra


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